Highlight of a Virtual School Family: Tillie Elvrum

Today Tillie Elvrum shares her virtual school journey with us.  Tillie’s 15 year old son J.D., is a 9th grade Colorado Connections Academy student.  Tillie is a good friend of mine and a passionate supporter of virtual schools and choice in education.  Tillie is an active and valuable contributing member of the Colorado Coalition of Cyberschool Families […]

Highlight of a Virtual School Family: Nico’s Mom

Today, our Highlight of a Virtual School Family comes from the state of Washington. Nico’s mom and I met several years back through my work with the National Coalition for Public School Options. Nicolas is 7 years old and in his third year attending the Washington Virtual Academies (WAVA), an online public school. Nico’s mom makes […]

Highlight of a Virtual School Family: Amy Johnson

Today our virtual school family comes to us from Arizona. Amy Johnson is a fellow blogger and author of The Adventures of JAMC.  Amy shares some great posts on her blog about School Successes as well as School Troubles.  Today Amy shares about her experience with the virtual school, Arizona Virtual Academy, where both of […]

Highlight of a Virtual School Family: Kathy

Today’s highlight is of a Colorado Connections Academy family.  Kathy enrolled her oldest, John, in Connections Academy 4 years ago, and this year he is a senior.  My family has known John and his family since 2007 through the Civil Air Patrol.  I am very proud of John and all of his accomplishments, especially for […]

Highlight of a Virtual School Family: Sandy Neafsey

Today I’m happy to introduce to you a Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA) mom, Sandy Neafsey.  Sandy has 2 children enrolled in COVA, a 7th grader in her first year with COVA and a 10th grader in her 3rd year with COVA.  Sandy and I met earlier this year at a face-to-face session hosted by our […]

Highlight of a Virtual School Family: Wendy Howard

Long time school choice advocate, Wendy Howard, shares her story of virtual schooling with us today.   Wendy’s daughter, Jessica, shares her mom’s passion for supporting choice in education, and when Jessica was just 7 years old she started a petition in Florida to urge legislators to remove the prior public school requirement before attending a […]

Highlight of a Virtual School Family: Sarah DeHerrera

I am very excited about today’s guest, Sarah DeHerrera. Sarah has been a Learning Coach with Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA) for 4 years, and she is an esteemed Board member at Colorado Coalition of Cyberschool Families.  Sarah is a friend and an advocate for virtual schools and choice in education; she gives of her time […]

Highlight of a Virtual School Family: Karin Piper

Today, I’m excited to intorduce you to Karin Piper. Karin is author of Charter Schools: The Ultimate Handbook for Parents, founder of Parent Led Reform, and a huge supporter of parents’ rights to choose the best public school option for their child. Karin’s 12-year old son is enrolled in his first year with Colorado Calvert […]

Highlight of a Virtual School Family: Edgar and Latisha Antillón

Highlight of a Virtual School Family is a series which I will be running for several days. I value choice in education and parents’ rights to access the best public school option which meets their child’s individual learning needs.  One public school option, virtual schools, has delivered a high quality, personalized education to thousands of […]

iNACOL Virtual School Symposium 2011

“Empowered to perform: online and blended learning models” November 9-11 in Indianapolis, IN Each year the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) hosts a fabulous Virtual School Symposium (VSS) and for those who can’t make it in person, iNACOl offers several opportunities to join the conference. VSS 2011 Mobile App Downloads VSS 2011 Wiki […]

CCA Blog: Working Together Has Advanced in Colorado’s Online Community

These 2 organizations have partnered in an effort to continue to enrich the cyber school experience for Colorado’s cyber school families. Please read more on the Colorado Cyberschools Association blog to learn how Working Together Has Advanced in Colorado’s Online Community.

Letters to the Editor: The Positive Parent Perspective of Online Learning

10.7.11 Daily Camera Positive experiences in academic progress “As the parent of an online student whose growth and academic progress have been remarkable, I am closely following the additional scrutiny some cyberschools have been receiving. My concern with the recent reports in the Daily Camera about challenges facing online education is that there wasn’t much […]

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