What’s going on at Colorado’s State Capitol on February 25th?

Students, parents, families, teachers, administrators, friends and supporters of online education are gathering Thursday, February 25th on the West Steps of the Colorado State Capitol Building to celebrate choice in public school options. This will be a chance for cyber school families to meet and thank our legislators for helping to keep the public online […]

10 Reasons to Enroll in an Online School

Get a world class education Eliminate those negative influences School at your own pace Strengthen family ties Socialization…Socialization…Socialization School where you want Revisit lessons anytime Your school is accessible 24/7 Use cutting edge technology For Mom or Dad: learn alongside your children FREE Quality online learning! Whoops, that was 11!

Virginia Governor and First Lady join Virginia Virtual Academy students…

Yesterday, at the Executive Mansion Governor Bob McDonnell and First Lady Maureen McDonnell took the time to personally experience how Virginia Virtual Academy students school. As a parent, I applaud and appreciate the Governor of Virginia and the First Lady for their willingness to learn how students school online.  Here’s the link to the article.

Household Chores…Schooling at home…HELP!

When we first enrolled in our online school, I tried to figure out how I was going to manage schooling my daughter at home and household chores. I didn’t do a great job the first year, and the second year I brought both of my boys home to school online which brought about a whole […]

Parent Power in Oregon

Parent Power in Oregon. On Tuesday I blogged about Making Your Voice Heard. Below is a perfect example of how a group of passionate parents, students, teachers, and administrators gathered to let legislators know just how important public virtual schools are to the families of Oregon. Access to virtual schools in Oregon is given on […]

Wordless Wednesday! Shhh…they’re working so nicely!


Choice in Education

Choice in Education. I’ve shared lots about The Virtual World of Education, otherwise known as public online schools, but there are other school choice options available. Years ago, we didn’t have the educational options that are available to us today. Traditional neighborhood public schools are probably the schools that we are all most familiar with, […]

Working Together to Enhance the Cyberschool Experience

In September ’09, Ben DeGrow, Policy Analyst, Education Policy Center in Colorado interviewed Judith Stokes and myself on the cyber school experience in Colorado and I thought you’d enjoy this 15 minute clip. Judith Stokes is a dear friend of mine and president of the Colorado Cyberschool Association (CCA)  and I am president of the Colorado […]


In cyber schools or online schools, parents play a VERY important role; parents are Learning Coaches and Mentors that have an extensive support system. Parents make sure their child is on track and progressing in their school work. In most K-8 online models the parent can adjust the daily schedule to meet the needs of […]


The number of students enrolling in online schools has risen rapidly in the past 10 years. So what’s the growing popularity all about for cyber schools or as some refer to them, online schools? I attribute this rapid growth to the many benefits that online schools offer : 1- We need options. Our children all […]

Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA)

COVA, an online public charter school, has been our school since 2004. As a traditional brick and mortar schooling family for 7 years, this family took a different turn in education in 2004; a turn in the best interest of my three children, all with different learning needs and styles.My oldest son began his education […]

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