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The Cartel: Education + Politics = $

 Does School Choice “Work”?

2.1.13 Parent blog: Why we chose an online school

1.28.13 Maine Senate president among those seeking to halt or ban virtual schools

1.17.13 Education Reform – Do we need it? Why do we need it NOW?

11.21.12 Virtual schools popping up in Georgia

11.20.12 Voices: A field day for online learners

11.19.12 K12 Inc. Defends Colorado Virtual Academy After Hit On Wall Street

11.19.12 K12 Inc. Comments on Ongoing Action Plan for Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA)

11.19.12 K12 Discusses Plan for Colorado Virtual Academy, In Talks with Multiple Charter Authorizers

11.5.12 What My Friends Really Think about Online Schooling

11.5.12 Should online classes be a requirement for graduation?

9.28.12 Pro-reform movie hits Colorado theaters

9.9.12 [Video] State’s first virtual academy opens amid questions

9.7.12 Locals enjoy online K-12 education option

9.7.12 The Solution to Virtual Schools is to Open Them (Part II)

9.4.12 The Solution to Virtual Public Schools is to Open Them

8.16.12 Let Online Learning Flourish

7.24.12 Online schools may not be lagging after all

7.13.12 What We’re Watching: K12 and The Fight Against Online Education

7.5.12 What Makes a Great School?

7.3.12 New School Choice Program Created in Pennsylvania

7.2.12 Eighth-Graders and Algebra: Making the Case for Online Education

7.1.12 Judge rules company can’t open online charter school

6.26.12 Majority of School District Administrators Endorse Online Classes

6.26.12 Time to give parents more choice

6.26.12 K12 Inc. : Wisconsin Virtual Academy Caps 2011-2012 School Year With Trio Of Face-To-Face Events

6.22.12 Hearing on N.C. virtual school opening scheduled for Monday

6.1.12 Louisiana’s bold bid to privatize schools

5.17.12 NSBA virtual schools report and the questions of “true costs”

5.15.12 Arizona Governor Signs Groundbreaking School Choice Plan

4.12.12 When Will the Cyberschooling Giants Start Acquiring EMOs?

4.10.12 Log-on learning: Could online learning transrorm American education?

4.8.12 There are benefits to virtual schooling

4.4.12 Cyber schools: A for-profit model designed to destroy our public school system & benefit corporations

3.25.12 Student Explains Online Public School Kelsey with COVA

3.15.12 School Choice Momentum Continues Across the Country

3.13.12 New Film Takes An Intimate Look At School Bullying

3.12.12 State online school oversight is needed

3.11.12 Benson: Snapshots of accountability at CU

3.9.12 Panel advances online school growth

3.9.12 New Report Urges Online Learning Expansion in Texas

3.7.12 Tempers get short in online education talks

3.6.12 The Cost of Online (Cybercharter) Schooling … or Shooting Your Friend in the Foot

3.6.12 House opens up online learning options

3.5.12 NCVPS Teacher Named National Online Teacher of the Year

2.29.12 Commentary: Are unfunded kids being dumped on districts?

2.28.12 Growing online-school movement makes its presence felt at Capitol

2.24.12 Cyberschoolers converge on Capitol to tout online learning

2.23.12 Ben DeGrow: Let’s pay teachers to be effective, too

2.20.12 Of Profits and Power: Education Establishment Attacks Digital Learning

2.20.12 Bob Schaffer on education: power to the parents

2.18.12 Virtual schools need to be part of Iowa’s options

2.16.12 Figuring out if online high school is rigth for you

2.16.12 Online-education group sues over state budge cuts

2.15.12 Updated: Attorney General’s Office will issue opinion on legality of online schools

2.15.12 Families, Educators, and Policymakers Participate in Ed Reform Rocks Rally to Celebrate Student-Centered Gains and to Advocate for More Great Schools

2.14.12 Florida Virtual School’s revenues falling short of expectations

2.14.12 Mich. Education Official: Educators, Not Parents Know What‘s Best for Kids’ Education

2.13.12 Digital ed study gets panel nod

2.8.12 Is online learning beneficial for students?

2.7.12 CO HB 12-1049: Bringing Common Sense to Education in Colorado 

2.2.12 A Parent’s View On Online Schools

2.1.12 Rep. McMillin: Districts don’t oppose virtual learning, they just don’t want charter schools offering parents choices

1.30.12 Virtual schools on the rise, but are they right for K-12 students?

1.29.12 At 10-year mark, No Child Left Behind is far from reaching its goals

1.23.12 Online K-12 School Leaders Discuss Policy ‘Roadmap’

1.17.12 Report Estimates Cost of Virtual Education

1.11.12 From the Capitol to the Classroom 1/11/12

1.11.12 Colorado Education Department to vote on rules to raise standards for online schools

1.10.12 Online bill still being crafted

1.10.12 Tuesday Churn: Online mobility study

1.8.12 Success of Florida Virtual School is difficult to measure

1.8.12 Virtual school a good alternative

12.25.11 Guest Commentary: Online schools play essential role

12.19.11 K12 Inc. CEO Ron Packard responds to NYTimes’ criticism

12.15.11 Two Families, Two Takes on Virtual Schooling

12.14.11 Unfair Attack on Parent Choice Dismissed by True Education Experts

12.13.11 Times Misses the Mark-Again

12.4.12 Online Learning, Personalized

11.28.11 Colorado voter turnout shows high interest in education reform

11.27.11 Can Computers Replace Classrooms?

11.24.11 Thankful for School Choice

11.21.11 12 Most Common Barriers to Education Reform

11.15.11 eLearning Caucus Formed In Congress

11.13.11 Clayton Christensen: Why online education is ready for disruption, now.

11.10.11 Time to revisit oversight of online schools

11.8.12 Online learning caucus coming to Congress

10.23.11 Online education finds bigger foothold in Idaho

10.17.11 Guest Commentary: Balancing innovation, accountability in cyberschools

10.14.11 Colorado State of Mind: The Evolution of Online Education

10.10.11 Take Another Look at Colorado Online Results

10.6.11 Moving away from a count date in Colorado

10.1.11 Cassidy: Education on the brink of an online revolution

9.7.11 Online K-12 – Better Education, Lower Cost?

9.6.11 The virtual classroom

9.6.11 Digital Aged Education in Idaho

8.25.11 Ohio Virtual Academy Earns an EFFECTIVE School Rating

8.21.11 New school year to see more virtual classes

8.18.11 Military diploma debate

8.17.11 Responding to Tennessee State Representative Craig Fitzhugh

8.16.11 Parents know better than lawmakers what’s best for their children

8.11.11 For Colorado Virtual Academy Students, Start of School Only a Click Away

8.10.11 Beyond Seat Time: Advancing Proficiency-Based Learning

8.1.11 Utah Passes First ‘High-Quality’ Digital Learning Law; Districts Seek Guidance

8.1.11 Arizona Virtual Academy to kick-off 2011 School Year with Expanded Blended Learning Programs

7.18.11 Parents Promote Disruptive Innovation

7.13.11 Changes in Florida law make it easier to take classes online

7.11.11 THEIR VIEW: Online high school expands parents’, students’ options

7.8.11 Virtual classes aren’t just for college anymore

7.5.11 The Year of School Choice

6.21.11 Institute for Justice Will File To Intervene In New Colorado School Choice Case

6.9.11 Cyber school celebrates first graduating class

6.7.11 Colorado Virtual Academy Congratulates Class of 2011

6.7.11 Blended Learning Takes Off

5.20.11 Dip in number of Colorado home-schoolers may be linked to surge in online enrollment

5.12.11 Accomplishing any goal: An address to the graduates of the GOAL Academy

5.5.11 Expansion Of Charter, Virtual Schools Poised To Become Law

5.4.11 Florida Legislature Passes Virtual Education Measure, More Choice for Parents

5.2.11 The 2011 National Online Teacher of the Year Discusses the Benefits of Online Learning

4.29.11 Jeffco Expands Student Online Learning Opportunities

4.28.11 Indiana Approves the U.S.’s Largest Voucher Program

4.27.11 Gov, Lawmakers Push For Virtual School Expansion

4.26.11 Children, parents gather at Capitol for “School Choice Day”

4.25.11 A Virtual School Option for Utah Kids

4.25.11 Gov. Rick Snyder to call for overhaul of outdated public school system in speech Wednesday

4.25.11 GUEST COMMENTARY: Public virtual schools: A view from within

4.8.11 NYTimes Gets it Wrong Again

4.7.11 Is There a K-12 Online Learning ‘Bubble’?

3.29.11 Will Public Schools Co-opt Digital Education?

3.26.11 10 Reports on the Near Future of Learning

3.24.11 Florida lawmakers filing bills to expand schooling options

3.21.11 Hundreds rally to support virtual charter schools

3.4.11 Virtual education boom hits the states

3.2.11 Students do come first with Luna’s plan

2.25.11 Online Learning is an Opportunity for Innovation

2.21.11 The Universal Notebook: Are virtual schools real schools?

2.18.11 10 Strategies to mprove the Quality of Online Learning

2.15.11 N.C.Virtual Public School among fastest growing in U.S.

2.12.11 Open High: A Great Choice and Contribution

2.11.11 Ga. Lawmakers Weigh Drastic School Reform Bill

2.7.11 Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy to Open Fall 2011

1.31.11 Rosa Parks on the school bus

1.28.11 The Rise of K-12 Blended Learning

1.26.11 Online in Ohio

1.25.11 How to choose a school for your child

1.24.11 Virtual School Enrollment Cap Stifles Choice

1.24.11 GW launches online high school

1.24.11 How to choose a school for your child

1.21.11 Joel Klein on School Choice

1.20.11 PreK-12 Dominates Growth in E-Learning

1.18.11 More students choicing out of district

1.16.11  Herndon’s K12, Inc. to Launch Online High School with GWU

1.14.11 Narrow Window or Open Door for Students?

1.13.11 New Private Online School to Serve U.S. and International Students Beginning Jan. 2011

1.10.11 Cyber Charter Schools: Public School at Home?

1.07.11 Cyber Schools Address Elementary Needs

12.16.10 Louisiana K-12 Students Can Go Virtual Charter Education

12.15.10 Rick Scott’s bold education plan draws bevy of critics

12.14.10 VIDEO: Michelle Rhee spurs school parents to action

12.13.10 Voucher Expansion in the Works in Florida?

12.09.10 Scott calls for school choice

12.07.10 Transform education with digital learning

12.07.10 Evers says he’d accept lifting enrollment cap

12.06.10 Parents given schools option

11.22.10 Cyber Charters Need a Few Good Parents

11.22.10 Cyber Charter Schools: The End of Public Education or a New Beginning?

11.17.10 Press Release: iNACOL Announces New Website: How to Start an Online Program

11.06.10 Brown family found ‘peace of mind’ with online schools for two youngest children

11.06.10 Douglas County schools may explore school-choice options

11.01.10 Online schools grow for all grades

10.19.10 21st Century Education is the Real Reform (VIDEO)

10.19.10 California Advances Digital Learning to Next Level by Offering Schools First Statewide Technology Marketplace

10.18.10 Drafting Online Laws at the OK Corral

10.17.10 21st Century Education

10.17.10 How Digital Learning Will Change America

10.15.10 School embraces the 2010 world of virtual education

10.14.10 RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms

10.11.10 Enrollment rises at online charter schools

10.04.10 Online classes growing in popularity among Utah students

9.30.10 Rick Scott stop

9.27.10 Online education evolves as advances in technology make major impact

9.27.10 The Waiting for Superman is Over!

9.19.10 ‘Virtual school’ gains popularity in Oklahoma

9.07.10 SF charter school combines traditional, online ed

8.31.10 First virtual school in Mass. opens Wednesday

8.29.10 Public schools catch online fever

8.28.10 E-schools offers flexibility, backers say

8.27.10 Okla. Virtual Academy Receives State Accreditation

8.27.10 Katey Luckey: Virtual schooling a good fit for this family

8.26.10 Growing Number of Students Enrolling in Online Schools

8.25.10 Choosing online schools

8.22.10 Michigan Virtual Charter Academy Receives Final Approval from State to Open

8.20.10 Military to Debut Virtual School

8.19.10 Cyber charter schools celebrate two state victories, may get more funds

8.11.10 Video: Susan Patrick on Why Online Learning Works

8.10.10 The Parent Trigger: A Model for Transforming Education

8.09.10 Bill Gates: Online Education is the Way of the Future

8.05.10 Virtual schools offers alternative to traditional model

8.02.10 E-schools provide valuable option, say participants

7.21.10 Weekly Column: School Choice Movement Continues to Grow

7.10 Rhee aims to build voucher programs

7.19.10 2010 MacIver Wisconsin Educational Choice Census

7.09.10 Recently at Katrina’s Silver Lining – The School Choice Revolution in New Orleans

7.07.10 Alan Bonsteel: School choice is the key to improving education

6.04.10 Public Financing Supports Growth of Online Charter Schools

5.26.10 How should we teach our future teachers?

5.20.10 Rosen: Crying wolf over tenure reform

5.19.10 Parents get help in choosing an online learning program

4.30.10 GVSU trustees approve Michigan Virtual Charter Academy

4.26.10 Groundbreaking School Choice Movement in Illinois

4.23.10 E-Learning Hits Barriers to Expansion

4.20.10 New charter school proposal builds steam

4.19.10 Beating down the doors: Parents flock to charters to get the best for their kids

4.13.10 Harvard Scholar Makes a Turnaround on Choice

3.28.10 Traditional schools aren’t working. Let’s move learning online.

3.16.10 Saving Schools, Then and Now Podcast

3.08.10 Is It Time to Reconsider Charter Schools?

2.16.10 The Online Learning Imperative: A Solution to Three Looming Crises in Education

1.29.10 E-Learning Seeks a Custom Fit

11.06.09 A Virtual Student’s Reality

9.24.09 Charter Schools: Changing Lives

9.14.09 Working Together to Enhance the Cyberschool Experience

3.20.07 Online ed: Virtual debate

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