Online Education

Online Education. Is online education the future?  This is a great short must read.  What are your thoughts about the future of education for our children?

Fun websites to enhance learning

Math Sheppard Software Literature Storyline Online History The New 7 Wonders Geography Find the states Science The Yuckiest Site on the Internet Art The Museum of Modern Art Music The New York Philharmonic

Colorado’s Cyberschool Day at the Capitol

Colorado’s Cyberschool Day at the Capitol. Our day took place last Thursday and was a great day for celebrating school choice and thanking our legislators for Supporting School Choice in Colorado. The Colorado Coalition of Cyberschool Families and the Colorado Cyberschools Association co-sponsored this event with approximately 600 people in attendance. Representative Frank McNulty and […]

Great News for Families in Washington

Great news! Great news! K-6 Online Learning Funding Restored!  The outpouring of responses from families who shared their success stories of why online schooling works for their family was just too hard for the legislature to ignore. Legislators do listen! We need to keep informing our policy makers of why this public school option should […]

In Washington the state House budget was released and…

Washington Online Public Schools Could Be Shut Down! There is no charter school law in the state of Washington and now legislators are planning on eliminating all Alternative Learning Experiences for students in grades K-6, which includes public online schools. We need to move forward, we need more quality public school options to serve our […]

Colorado Cyberschools’ Day at the Captiol 2010 and Pictures from 2009

Check out What’s going on at Colorado’s State Capitol on February 25th 2010 and check out some pictures from last year’s 5th Annual Cyberschools’ Day at the Captiol.

What’s going on at Colorado’s State Capitol on February 25th?

Students, parents, families, teachers, administrators, friends and supporters of online education are gathering Thursday, February 25th on the West Steps of the Colorado State Capitol Building to celebrate choice in public school options. This will be a chance for cyber school families to meet and thank our legislators for helping to keep the public online […]

10 Reasons to Enroll in an Online School

Get a world class education Eliminate those negative influences School at your own pace Strengthen family ties Socialization…Socialization…Socialization School where you want Revisit lessons anytime Your school is accessible 24/7 Use cutting edge technology For Mom or Dad: learn alongside your children FREE Quality online learning! Whoops, that was 11!

Virginia Governor and First Lady join Virginia Virtual Academy students…

Yesterday, at the Executive Mansion Governor Bob McDonnell and First Lady Maureen McDonnell took the time to personally experience how Virginia Virtual Academy students school. As a parent, I applaud and appreciate the Governor of Virginia and the First Lady for their willingness to learn how students school online.  Here’s the link to the article.

Lawmakers Debate Online Schools

Lawmakers Debate Online Schools and while this debate continues in Oregon, guess who suffers? That’s right, the students and families. The students and families who have chosen an online school because it best meets their individual learning needs, now must wait until policy makers decide how online schools should be governed. Accountability? Absolutely, all for […]

Creative Thinking Post-Its

Some of my favorite Creative Thinking Signs posted in our schoolroom. Do you have a favorite to share?

21st Century Learning

21st Century Learning: Wave of the Future or Education Fad? That was the theme of last Thursday’s Event hosted by the Independence Institute with special guest speaker Colorado’s State Board of Education vice chairman Randy DeHoff. Great PP presentation followed by a thought provoking discussion with a bit of aroused controversy. Since the turn of […]

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