Brigadier General Jim Hall and Captain Michael Kearns Visit Valkyrie Cadet Squadron

* Last night Valkyrie Cadet Squadron had the privilege of being joined by Brigadier General Jim Hall, USAFA retired and Captain Michael Kearns, USAFA retired and formerly a member of the Australian Secret Service. Jim Hall is a parachuting pioneer free falling from the sky since the 1940’s with over 3000 jumps! Check out the […]

World War II Civil Air Patrol Cadets

* This month’s issue of Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Volunteer highlights some of the youngest members of Civil Air Patrol: World War II Cadets.  Those who were too young to enlist in the military found CAP to be a place to support their country during WWII.     Major Paul Gilmore, a Senior Member of Valkyrie […]

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