Colorado Virtual Academy: A Parent’s Perspective

As a parent, learning coach and mentor of 2 children currently enrolled in Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA) and 1 2011 graduate of COVA, I find the profuse amount of negative and insulting articles written by reporters with no clear understanding of the online school model to be a malicious attack on online schools and parent […]

Online School Student Waits 6 Years

My oldest, Sean, is a 2011 Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA) graduate currently attending CU-Boulder.  He was SO excited today to wake up to a RAVE alert, which is a text-messaging service enabling the campus to notify students via mobile phone in case of a campus emergency.  Today’s emergency message is that CU Boulder campus is closed.  […]

Colorado’s online schools work for thousands; do Colorado’s policies work?

This is a podcast worth listening to or revisiting if you’ve already heard it.  It’s a 13-minute podcast that aired on October 25, 2011. Ben DeGrow, Senior Policy Analyst at the Independence Institute interviews Michael Horn, digital learning expert and Executive Director of the Innosight Institute. It’s not a question of getting rid of a […]

No Snow Day For Online Schools

Today is a snow day for many Colorado public schools, but not for us.  We live in the Cherry Creek School District (CCSD) and although all CCSD schools are closed today due to the weather, our school is open 24/7 and is not affected by the storm. We’ll work hard and get a day’s worth of […]

Getting Connected In an Online School

Making connections in a virtual school environment is very important to a successful school year for the learning coach/mentor and the student.  There is no magic formula in getting connected or in building relationships; “YOU” really have to make it happen and so does your child. Here are some ideas to help get you connected […]

Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA)

COVA, an online public charter school, has been our school since 2004. As a traditional brick and mortar schooling family for 7 years, this family took a different turn in education in 2004; a turn in the best interest of my three children, all with different learning needs and styles.My oldest son began his education […]

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